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Sony PSP Developer Interview

Part 1
- Hardware design finalised

Part 2
- PSP LCD size and beauty were critical
- Battery life under final adjustment

Part 3
- PSP UMD game boot-up time of same order as PS2
- PC management of MemoryStick saved data possible
- Network connections? - no problem

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Sony PlayStation Portable Emulation - PS Portable emulator. find all the latest news about PSP emu as well as PS2, PS3 and PSX news. Download existing emulators and read about emulator development. If you are a programmer working on PSP emu or Emulator for PSPortable - enabling emulation of other console roms on SonyPSP, please, contact us and we will be happy to arrange free hosting for your project!


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Both SN Systems and Metrowerks have announced the release of their development tools for Sony's forthcoming PlayStation Portable, with ProDG for PSP and CodeWarrior for PSP both now available for purchase.

SN Systems went one better, however - nabbing no less than Sega's R&D creative officer (and Sonic creator) Yuji Naka to sing the praises of ProDG. "ProDG for PSP has rich functions and is very stable while keeping up with fast changes of development environments," he enthused in a statement issued by the company. "Sega is very satisfied especially with the fact that important functions such as .NET integration, fast compile speed, and good GUI of debugger are equipped from the early version."

KeepMedia | PlayStation Magazine: Death to the PSP . The footage was captured from the so no actual hardware was on hand, but folks from Backbone repeatedly stated how easy it was to get the basic .GAMEBOY-ADVANCE Emulator Download GBA Emulators GAMEBOY-ADVANCE. GBA Emul Roms Gameboy Advance Emu and GBA ROMs. . VisualBoy Advance Best Game boy Adv emu! . SN Systems has launched ProDG for PSPortable, boasting a number of specific enhancements, an in-house developed C/C++ compiler which is designed to optimise code for console architecture, and a completely redesigned debugger. Both firms, as you might expect, had senior development executives on hand to laud the release of their dev toolsets - which are available to purchase for all registered PlayStation Portable developers worldwide.

Metrowerks, meanwhile, has released CodeWarrior Development Studio Dev Tools for the platform, and claims support for Sony's communication protocols, a choice between the CodeWarrior environment or the Visual Studio .NET environment, and an intuitive C/C++ debugger. CodeWarrior's distinct features include its precise, stable behaviour and its user-friendly interface, The fact that CWarrior runs with such stability on a brand new platform really distinguishes it from other development tools. Metrowerks has done a great job with the CodeW tools for the Playstation Portable platform, and now it's our turn to create great titles that capture the industry's attention." - News and Media - Avalanche of games unveiled . when the PS launches in America in early 2005. Matrick also showed off footage of all three titles from a PSP emulator on a PC. . Sony Responds With Status Update . On the development front, we have had the PC-based emulator out within the publishing community as of November 2003. Since this . PSPaudioware : Emulator SP-1200 emulation », PS audio ware » online support » Wishes and Ideas » Emulator SP-1200 emulation. .